After Baby

In home baby care + breastfeeding and lactation services

This session will take place in your home at your convenience. Ideally the After Baby visit will take place within the first two weeks after the birth of your baby; however, if you are solely interested in lactation services then this does not apply.

A personalized folder with educational documents will be provided.

Services include:

  1. Lactation services: Proper positioning, latch-on technique, assessment of latch, education regarding prevention and treatment of sore nipples, plugged ducts and mastitis, how to manage over supply and, conversely, strategies to increase supply, implementation of breastfeeding interventions as needed (i.e. breast shells, Haakaa, breast pump, nipple shields [instruction and weaning], etc.).

  2. Weighing baby: Weight checks as well as pre/post-feeding weights (to determine how much your breast milk your baby has transferred during the feeding). I use a specialty infant scale that is able to measure weight up to the 0.001 lb, meaning that every drop of breast milk that your baby transfers is measured!

  3. Breast pump services: Including setup, instruction and sanitization of pump parts & bottles.

  4. Guidelines regarding storage and preparation of breast milk

  5. Baby care education

  6. Baby care services: Assistance with swaddling, bathing, diapering, diaper counts, calming and soothing baby, burping, gas relief, umbilical cord & circumcision care, identifying signs and symptoms of an infection, sleep routine advice, sleepy safety, infant safety guidelines, understanding jaundice, bottle-feeding and any additional care that you would like provided.

  7. Bottle-feeding services: When and how to introduce a bottle to your baby, feeding and pumping frequency, education regarding different bottle types currently available on the market, sample bottles to assess and determine which work best for your baby before purchasing bottle-feeding systems.

  8. Preparation for returning to work & how to manage pumping

  9. Any particular topic(s) that you would like to discuss… this is your session! If there are additional topics or care services that you would like provided we will focus on these areas. This session can solely be used for lactation services if preferred.


Duration: 2 hours  

(Additional hours or sessions available for purchase)  

Lactation Phone Consultations

Certain breastfeeding and lactation inquiries may be addressed over the phone. I provide 30 minute phone consultations when an in-home visit may not be necessary. Please contact for more information.

Phone consults may cover the following topics and more:

1) Preparation for returning to work & creating a pumping and feeding schedule

2) Concerns regarding breast milk supply and/or production 

3) Bottle-feeding

4) Nursing strikes

5) Weaning assistance

6) Management of transient breastfeeding pathology (i.e. engorgement)



**If you have a fever of 100.4 F or greater and/or have flu-like symptoms, breast pain & redness, please contact your OB-GYN immediately.

If your infant has a fever of 100.4 F or higher, has bloody stools, is projectile vomiting or is refusing to eat and is lethargic, please contact your Pediatrician. Any serious concerns should be directed to a licensed physician first.


Note: I am a Mother/Baby Registered Nurse, CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) and a CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor). I have taken the IBCLE board exam to become an IBCLC and I am currently awaiting the results. I was trained to provide lactation support in 2015 and I have assisted many mamas and newborns with the supportive services listed above both in the hospital setting and privately in-home. If your newborn requires interventions beyond my scope I will refer you to the appropriate practitioner.