Sleep Routine Establishment

A personalized sleep routine tailored to fit your baby's needs.

"I want less sleep..." said no new parent. Ever.

Routines play a significant role in infant sleep. I have created a Sleep Guide detailing how you, the parent, can assist your infant in establishing good sleep habits without compromising their feeding needs. The guide includes research-based information as well as suggestions for safe and healthy practices that you can incorporate into your baby's own personal routine.


This service includes an optional 30-minute phone consultation during which we will create your baby’s own personal sleep routine.  The sleep routine will be tailored to fit your baby’s needs and the needs of the parents as well. I highly recommend reviewing the sleep guide before the birth of your baby.


This is an add-on service for established clients.

Disclaimer: I do not implement “Cry-It-Out” techniques. If you are interested in CIO sleep training this service is not the proper match.