Before Baby

In home educational services

This session will take place in your home at your convenience.  3 comprehensive courses will be completed in 1 session to help you & your partner prepare for the arrival of your little one. Ideal timing is between weeks 32 - 37.

A personalized folder with educational documents will be provided.

The topics covered include:

1) Hospital stay + postpartum recovery and care

Includes a brief introduction to epidurals, spinals, the three stages of labor, Pitocin and vaginal/perineal lacerations.

2) Breastfeeding & Lactation
3) Newborn care
4) Any particular topic(s) that you would like to discuss.... this is your session!

I will e-mail the course curriculum to you prior. If there are additional topics that you would like to discuss simply notify me in advance and I will update the curriculum based on your needs and interests.

Duration: Average 5 hours

Click here             for a sample of the Before Baby curriculum! 

Have a friend that is also expecting? This session can also be arranged for multiple couples or a small group. Please contact for more information.










Before Baby


Are you a second, third or fourth time mama? Has it been awhile since you last were pregnant and cared for a newborn?  This session covers the topics listed above but provides a general overview and reminder of what to expect for your postpartum recovery and newborn care. This session will primarily be focused on breastfeeding to prepare you for those early days of feeding when proper latch and technique are of the utmost importance!

Duration: Approximately 3 - 3.5 hours