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Before Baby

In home & virtual educational services

The Before Baby consultation covers topics such as Hospital Stay, Labor Basics, Pain Management, Postpartum Care, Lactation, Infant Feeding and Newborn Care. The curriculum is customized based on your requests and needs. This service is offered to anyone expecting a baby no matter how they will enter the world, whether via vaginal delivery, cesarean section, gestational surrogacy or adoption.

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Before Baby takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home!  It is a 3 part prenatal educational  consultation that is completed in 2 sessions to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one. Ideal timing is between weeks 32 - 37 of pregnancy.

A personalized folder with supporting documents will be provided. This session is customized to meet your needs and interests.

The topics covered include:

Part 1: Hospital Stay, Labor Basics*, Pain Management, Postpartum Care

- Includes a hospital bag checklist, information about hospital admission, hospital stay, true versus false labor and when to go to the hospital.

- A brief introduction to the three stages of labor, labor interventions, induction/augmentation, pain management and perineal tears.

                   *NOTE: This is not an intensive labor  or birthing course, a brief introduction to the topics mentioned will be provided.

- Extensive coverage of postpartum care. 

Part 2: Breastfeeding, Chest Feeding, Lactation & Infant Feeding

- This is a comprehensive session that focuses on breastfeeding, lactation and/or infant feeding and nutritional needs. It is tailored to align with your personal feeding plan, goals and desires.  Includes positioning and latch demonstration for those planning to breast/chest feed.

Part 3: Newborn Care

- A basic + advanced newborn care course covering hospital stay (baby tests, jaundice, bulb suction, legal documents, skin-to-skin & "The Golden Hour") and newborn care at home (diapering, bathing, swaddling, umbilical cord care, sleep safety, SIDS prevention, current AAP recommendations and guidelines) and more. 

I will also cover any particular topic(s) that you would like to discuss.... this is your session!
- I will email your personal course curriculum prior to your session. If there are additional topics that you would like to discuss simply notify me in advance and I will update the curriculum based on your needs and interests.

Duration: Approximately 7 - 8 hours total. This course is offered as two private, in-home sessions.

Click the PDF file for a sample of the Before Baby curriculum! 

Want to modify this session? Not a problem! It can be customized to meet your needs and interests.

You also have the option of completing a single or 2-part Before Baby class  (Part 1, 2 or 3)  rather than the full course!

Have a friend that is also expecting? This session can also be arranged for multiple couples or a small group.

Please contact for more information.

Before Baby

the "Cliff Notes" version

Newborn Baby

The Before Baby “Cliff Notes” session broadly covers some of the topics included in the Before Baby comprehensive session. Think of this as a watered down version of the full Before Baby course. The duration is about half that of the comprehensive course.


This session is appropriate for those who want to know the simple and most basic answers to questions such as…“How should I prepare for and when do I go to the hospital? How do I care for myself and my baby’s basic needs after delivery? How will I know when my baby needs to be fed and if they’re getting enough?”

The topics covered include:
Part 1: Hospital Stay, Postpartum Care

- Hospital bag checklist, when to go to L&D, postpartum care & recovery

Part 2: General & Introductory Breastfeeding, Chest Feeding, Lactation & Infant Feeding

- A basic introduction to infant feeding covering topics such as feeding frequency, feeding cues, signs of satiation, and establishment + maintenance of milk supply

Part 3: Basic Newborn Care

- An introduction to basic newborn care including topics such as diapering, sleep safety and umbilical cord care

Duration: Approximately 5 hours covered in one session.

Click the PDF file for a sample of The “Cliff Notes” Curriculum!

Before Baby

for Scheduled Cesarean Delivery

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This modified version of the Before Baby session will solely focus on delivery via cesarean section (rather than vaginal birth as described above). This session includes information about what to expect prior to surgery (pre-op), during the procedure and after the procedure (post-op). This session includes information about pain management  specific to those who are scheduled to have a cesarean birth. It will also cover hospital stay/admission, postpartum care & cesarean recovery, breast/chest feeding & lactation, and newborn care.

For more information please contact

Before Baby

for Gestational Surrogacy

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If you are expecting a baby through gestational surrogacy, I offer the Before Baby session in a modified version that is related to your interests and based on your personal journey to welcoming your baby earth side. The first two parts of the Before Baby session are tailored based on your personal plan. If you will be present for the birth, what can you do to prepare for the hospital stay? What can you expect during hospital admission? What will feedings be like once your baby arrives?  How will you know if your baby is hungry and how can you determine if your baby is satiated and getting what they need?  The Newborn Care portion of the session is also included and is covered in its entirety  (see above for details). 

For more information please contact

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