Before Baby

Hospital stay, labor basics, pain management, postpartum care, breastfeeding & baby care education.

The Before Baby session provides the education you need to confidently care for yourself and your baby. This is one comprehensive educational session before the birth of your baby in your home and at your convenience. The session curriculum will be tailored to meet your needs. Your personal questions will be answered. This is your private session... ask away!

After Baby

Lactation, breastfeeding and baby care services.

This supportive session will help you adjust to life at home with a newborn!  Do you need assistance  with breastfeeding or lactation? Do you need hands-on assistance with sleep, swaddling & diapering? I provide lactation and baby care services in the comfort and privacy of your home.

CPR + First Aid Training

Safety training.

I am a Registered Nurse and an American Heart Association certified CPR & First Aid instructor. Private in-home and small group instruction are available with special focus on infant and toddler CPR, airway obstruction (choking) & first aid training.

Sleep Routine Establishment

A personalized sleep routine for your baby.

Providing a safe and consistent routine is key for infant sleep. My program will help you understand the science behind your baby's needs for restful sleep and how to facilitate good sleep habits without compromising their feeding needs.

Custom Services

Tailored to fit your personal or business needs.

If you own a business or are interested in creating a custom package for yourself or a small group please do not hesitate to contact me.