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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

South Bay Baby Care provides private, in-home education and care consultations that are tailored to fit your needs. Focus includes perinatal care and education (hospital admission & stay, true versus false labor, basic introductory labor information, pain management, postpartum recovery & care), breastfeeding, chestfeeding, lactation & infant feeding  education and support, newborn care education and in-home support, lactation-friendly newborn sleep routine guidance and CPR + First Aid training with special focus on infant, toddler and starting solids (covering both purees and baby-led weaning [BLW]). Please click here for more information about services offered.


I have friends with due dates close to mine, can we schedule a private small group session? Is there a reduced fee for group sessions?

Yes! All services are customizable and you can request to schedule a private small group session for the Before Baby and CPR training services. Yes, the fee per person/couple will be less when you schedule a small group session!

Do you accept insurance?

Beginning January 12, 2023 South Bay Baby Care will be utilizing The Lactation Network (TLN) to provide insurance-covered lactation & infant feeding services to more patients! If you have PPO insurance and you are member of the following insurance carriers you may qualify for a minimum of 6 insurance-covered In-home and/or Telehealth Lactation Consultations!

PPO insurance carriers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, Provider Network of America (PNOA) and MultiPlan (which may cover insurance carriers such as Aeta, United Healthcare and more).

To determine if your insurance qualifies please use this link:

For patients that do not qualify for coverage through TLN, I offer cash-pay services that may be insurance reimbursable. I am a CMS recognized provider and I have CPT and ICD-10 codes for RN & IBCLC services provided for educational and care services related to perinatal, newborn and breastfeeding/lactation visits. Upon request I can supply you with a superbill once your services have been paid in full and you can submit the superbill to your insurance to request reimbursement. South Bay Baby Care is out-of-network with all insurance providers. I cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement. If your insurance company denies payment I am happy to provide an appeal letter to be submitted. Service fees are due at the time that services are rendered.


If you would like to contact your insurance in advance to determine if services with South Bay Baby Care are reimbursable and what your policy's reimbursement rate it is, you may need to provide the following information:

South Bay Baby Care Nursing Services, Inc.

South Bay Baby Care NPI: 1023507597

Lisa Grossman RN, IBCLC NPI: 1669186441

South Bay Baby Care EIN/ Tax ID: 82-5139960

CA BRN Registered Nurse License Number: 827047

IBCLC ID: L-163653

Insurance coverage related to Before Baby Prenatal Education Consultations is plan-specific. Please contact the member benefits number on the back of your insurance card to determine if your plan may reimburse for these services. Some insurance companies or plans may require pre-approval or authorization for partial or full reimbursement. I am happy to complete pre-approval paperwork as required by your policy.

Will my HSA or FSA reimburse me for your services?

I am a CMS recognized provider and I have CPT and ICD-10 codes for RN & IBCLC services provided for educational and care services related to perinatal, newborn and breastfeeding/lactation visits. Upon request I can supply you with a superbill once your services have been paid in full and you can submit the superbill to your HSA or FSA plan to request reimbursement. I cannot guarantee reimbursement as each plan is different; however, the majority of my clients have not had issues with HSA or FSA reimbursement for RN services covering perinatal, newborn and lactation/infant feeding consultations.

I own a business, do you provide private CPR sessions for employees and companies?

Yes, my CPR sessions are customizable to fit your interests. I am certified by the American Heart Association to teach Infant, Pediatric and Adult CPR (includes AED [defibrillator] and airway obstruction training) and First Aid. Please contact me for a quote.

Do you teach CPR certification courses?

Yes, I teach both general and certification courses. I am certified to teach Heartsaver, BLS and First Aid courses.

How can I acquire your fee schedule and list of services?

Please email me directly to request and I will happily send the information to you. I am continuously updating my service list and fee schedule. I will send you a copy of the most current information. Please be aware that services and fees are subject to change at anytime; however, once you have made an appointment and received a calendar confirmation from me the service fee will not change. 

What locations do you service?

South Bay Baby Care provides services within the South Bay/Beach Cities, Los Angeles area. Travel to locations outside of the South Bay/Beach Cities are subject to availability + commute time and may incur a travel fee. South Bay Baby Care travels within 1 hour, which may be dependent on the time of day and traffic. Please contact me for more details. Please provide your location and availability as this information is important for scheduling.

**South Bay Baby Care does not guarantee availability for locations outside of the South Bay/Beach Cities area.

What is your availability?

Private sessions and consultations are available on a first come first served basis. I have 3 young children and my availability is based on when I have childcare. Sessions and consultations are generally provided on weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings.  I have very limited weekend availability and I reserve this time for urgent lactation consultations when I am available. If you would like to schedule a session please contact me to make arrangements.

What are your credentials?

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) - Graduated Sigma Theta Tau (Honor Society of Nursing) & Awarded for Dedication & Leadership Potential

Board Certified Registered Nurse (BRN RN-BSN)

Board Certified Public Health Nurse (BRN PHN)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, certified by IBCLE)

Registered Lactation Consultant (RLC, certified by IBCLE)

Certified Lactation Counselor (ALPP)

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (UCSD)

American Heart Association Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor

Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

American Heart Association ECC Volunteer

CMS recognized National Provider

Member of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA)

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