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  • Lisa Grossman, RN, BSN

Why I LOVE my hand pump!

After having my second baby I have not once busted out my double electric breast pump. Why? Part of it is laziness and part of it is ease of use! When I had my first baby and needed to pump, I would change into my Simple Wishes pumping bra, hook up my parts (x2), plug in my big pump, make sure the flanges were in the proper position, be stuck sitting in the same location for the entire pump session and wait until it was over. When I needed to pump on-the-go I had to carry this huge breast pump bag with me, pack up all of the parts, make sure I had an electrical outlet to plug into and repeat all of the same steps mentioned above. On top of it, I had to find a spot to pump at that had an electrical outlet and was fairly clean because I had to layout all of my stuff. It was always so much work! Then, after I finished pumping, I would have to take off the pumping bra, allow my tubing to run for at least 5 minutes to prevent moisture from collecting, clean all of the parts (x2), unplug and put everything away. I'm seriously tired just typing this. What a process!

Life has been soooo much easier this time since I have solely used my hand pump. Forget about plugging in, carrying a large heavy bag when I'm on-the-go, finding an outlet and place that I can sit... my head hurts just talking about the madness! When I was working in the hospital I would have to wait in line to use the lactation room! I only had a short period of time for my lunch break during the long 12-hour shifts. One time the line was so long and I was in a total panic. I ended up pumping in a dirty bathroom; I cleaned the sink space and placed paper towels all around the countertop. Needless to say tears were shed that day.

After my second baby I told myself... never again. No more! Stop the madness. My hand pump is a million times easier to use. I don't change my bra. I don't plug in. I don't have to spend an extra 5 minutes running the pump to make sure my tubing doesn't grow mold. I don't have to lug around a huge heavy bag. Life is much simpler this time around. I bring my hand pump with me, it fits in my purse. I wear whatever bra I want and I pump each side and call it a day. I have half the number of parts & bottles to clean; I just pump into one larger sized bottle to make sure I have enough room for the milk that I pump.

I love you, hand pump!



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