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  • Lisa Grossman, RN, BSN, PHN, OCN

Easy ideas for solids

When I was a first-time mom I was nervous about feeding solids for the first time. Just because I am a second-time mom doesn't make me a pro, but I definitely felt more confident the second time around. Part of the reason may be that I am now certified to teach CPR so I felt more prepared for the "C" word. I hear a lot of moms voice concerns about their infant not having teeth when they start feeding. My second son didn't start getting teeth until last week and he is now 11 months old! The important thing to note is that babies can use their gums to "chew."

There are foods you can give your baby that are easy to make at home and fairly cost effective. My baby loves organic black beans mixed with cut up avocado. It takes me two seconds to make and I can get 4-5 meals out of one can of organic black beans. I mash the black beans a little bit and then add avocado - done. Bananas are another food that are easy to use as a base. I prefer to use overly ripened bananas because they are softer, easier to digest and not constipating. I mash them just a tiny bit and mix in infant oatmeal cereal + nut butter (make sure you have assessed for allergies first) + a dash of cinnamon. Avocado mashed and mixed with a soft fruit such as mashed bananas, raspberries or blueberries and infant oatmeal cereal If you have a little time on your hands you can peel and then boil peeled sweet potatoes, mash them up a bit and again add in some infant cereal + a dash of cinnamon. When I mash up foods I prefer not to puree them so that they can use their gums for "chewing" and get a feel for the texture of the food. I also like to add in different herbs and spices (i.e. basil & mint) so that they develop a palate for different tastes. Seasoned scrambled eggs cut into strips for easy self-feeding are another simple go-to (again, make sure you have assessed for allergies first).

There are certain baby food companies that make infant feeding easy, such as the Happy Family brand. Pictured above, my son is eating their ravioli, it's soft and easy to chew or gum. And most mamas already know about organic pouches, puffs, teething crackers (my son loves Baby Mum-Mums), etc. that are easy for when you are on-the-go.

Happy feeding!




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